First blog post

You are reading my first attempts as a blogger!!  I have decided that I need to put out on the internet what I have been learning about our family’s ancestors.  As a fledgling genealogist I have binders filled with information on my husband Richard’s tree and a smaller number of folders containing information on my Burns/Toomey family.  Richard and I are going to Ireland and England for further family research in October.  In preparation for that trip my first few blogs will be about the ancestors I hope to trace in Europe.

I’m starting with Thomas Hutchins of Pomfret, CT because I have been researching him and his family this summer while here at our summer home in New Hampshire. I recently learned that Thomas and his family lived right across the Connecticut River from here in Weathersfield, Vermont.  Richard and I traveled to Ascutney, where the Weathersfield town offices are held, to look for land records for Thomas.  My next blog will be about what we found there and subsequently in Winchester, New Hampshire.


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